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Vechain’s VET & VTHO Just Got Listed On Coinbase!

By September 12, 2023No Comments2 min read
September 12 2023 Vechains VET VTHO Just Got Listed On Coinbase

Vechain is a blockchain platform crafted to optimize supply chain management and operational workflows, with the aim of simplifying intricate supply chain operations and the exchange of information. The two native tokens of Vechain are $VET which is used to transfer value across the network and VeThor $VTHO which is used as ‘gas’ to power smart contract actively. Today $VET and $VTHO where announced as of tomorrow being able to be traded on the exchange for USD. this will happen on the 13th of September after 09:30 AM PT. This is huge news for Vechain and its tokens as Coinbase offers assets listed on it access to far more liquidity (cash) than many other exchanges. below is the Coinbase announcement of the listing

Back on the 22nd of June 2023 Coinbase announced that they had added Vechain’ $VET and $VeThor to their roadman without any detail on when trading would start. Today 12/09/2023 investors and speculators have clarity on the matter! Congratulation to the Vechain team and also to Coinbase.

Vechain’s VET today at one point was up nearly 14% and VeThor VTHO was up nearly 40%!! A big win for vechain investors!


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