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The Rise of Fund Tokenization: New Era in Asset Management

By November 21, 2023No Comments3 min read
November 21 2023 The Rise of Fund Tokenization New Era in Asset Management


The financial industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation with the advent of fund tokenization. This technology is rapidly gaining traction among asset managers globally, signaling a shift towards more efficient, transparent, and accessible investment methods. In this article, we explore the current trends, motivations, and future prospects of fund tokenization in asset management.

Current Trends in Fund Tokenization

A recent survey by Calastone revealed that a significant majority of U.S. asset managers (67%) anticipate having tokenized products on the market within a year. The trend is similar in Asia, where 61% expect to tokenize funds within the same timeframe. Notably, an overwhelming 96% of Asian asset managers project fund tokenization within the next three years​​.

November 21 2023 The Rise of Fund Tokenization New Era in Asset Management

Global Adoption and Technological Implementation

While the U.S. and Asia are at the forefront of this movement, Europe is also showing interest, albeit at a slower pace. The adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the backbone of tokenization, is currently at 39% and 37% in the U.S. and Asia, respectively. This indicates a growing inclination towards exploring this technology across major financial markets​​.

Motivations Behind Tokenization

The primary drivers for fund tokenization include cost savings, enhanced liquidity management, and access to new asset classes. Nearly a third of Asian asset managers cited cost efficiency as a key motivation. Another significant factor is the potential for more personalized investment experiences, which 25% of respondents highlighted. Additionally, 23% see enhanced liquidity management as a major benefit, suggesting that fractionalization could democratize investment access​​.

A Case Study in Tokenization

Project Guardian, a Singapore-based initiative, exemplifies the practical application of fund tokenization. It includes several use cases, such as partnerships between major financial institutions like JP Morgan and Apollo Global, as well as collaborations involving Calastone and Schroders, and SBI Digital Markets with UBS. These collaborations aim to automate and personalize investment portfolios, particularly for affluent clients, demonstrating the real-world impact of tokenization in asset management​​.


Fund tokenization is not just a fleeting trend but a paradigm shift in asset management. It promises increased efficiency, cost savings, and broader investment access, aligning with the evolving needs of both investors and asset managers. As this technology continues to mature, we can expect a more inclusive and dynamic financial market landscape.

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