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South Korea’s National Pension Service Invests in Coinbase

By November 16, 2023No Comments3 min read
November 16 2023 South Koreas National Pension Service Invests in Coinbase


In a landmark decision, South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS), one of the world’s largest pension funds, has made a substantial investment in Coinbase, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange. This strategic move not only signifies the NPS’s first foray into the virtual asset industry but also reflects a broader shift in investment trends towards digital assets.

South Korea’s NPS: A Major Player in Global Investments

The National Pension Service, South Korea’s largest investment group, manages assets totaling approximately $800 billion. Recognized as the third-largest pension fund globally, the NPS has traditionally invested in a diverse range of assets to ensure steady growth and security for its beneficiaries. With its investment in Coinbase, the NPS has expanded its portfolio to include virtual asset-related companies for the first time.

The Coinbase Investment: Details and Implications

In the third quarter of 2023, the NPS acquired 282,673 shares in Coinbase, valued at about $19.9 million, or approximately 26.1 billion won. This investment has already proven profitable, with an estimated gain of 39%, increasing the value to around $27.7 million​​​​​​.

A Strategic Shift

The decision to invest in Coinbase marks a significant departure from the NPS’s previous stance. Historically, the NPS had avoided direct investments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, citing concerns over volatility​​. However, the NPS argued that its investment in Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, does not equate to investing directly in cryptocurrencies, thereby navigating around its policy of avoiding direct crypto investments​​.

Market Performance of Coinbase

Coinbase’s stock has experienced notable growth in 2023, surging to highs of $110 per share in July. Despite facing legal challenges, including a lawsuit from the U.S. SEC alleging violations of securities laws, Coinbase’s stock value has increased by nearly 170% year-to-date. However, it remains 74% down from its all-time high above $300 in September 2021​​​​.

Reactions and Implications

The NPS’s investment in Coinbase could herald a new era of pension funds diversifying into digital assets, particularly as the global financial landscape evolves with the integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. This move might encourage other large institutional investors to consider similar investments, recognizing the growing legitimacy and potential of the cryptocurrency sector.

Criticism and Controversy

In 2021, South Korea’s National Assembly criticized the NPS for its investments in crypto-related businesses. The NPS responded by clarifying that its focus was on the exchange itself, not directly on cryptocurrencies​​. This distinction is crucial as it reflects the NPS’s strategy of investing in the infrastructure of the digital asset space rather than the assets themselves.


South Korea’s National Pension Service’s investment in Coinbase is a groundbreaking decision, showcasing a shift in institutional investment strategies towards embracing the potential of the digital asset industry. This move might set a precedent for other pension funds and large investors, expanding the traditional boundaries of institutional investment portfolios

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