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Quant, BIS & Bank of England Collaborate on Project Rosalind!

By September 28, 2023September 29th, 2023No Comments3 min read
September 28 2023 Quant BIS Bank of England Collaborate on Project Rosalind


Quant, a leading technology company, has announced its collaboration with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the Bank of England on a ground breaking initiative known as Project Rosalind. This project aims to explore the potential of application programming interfaces (APIs) in central bank digital currency (CBDC) systems. The announcement was made on June 16, 2023, and has garnered attention for its innovative approach to digital currencies and blockchain technology. Read more

What is Project Rosalind?

Directed by the BIS Innovation Hub London Centre, Project Rosalind focuses on how APIs can facilitate retail payments in CBDCs. The project also aims to explore innovative use cases for CBDCs, particularly in a public-private sector collaboration model. In this model, the public sector provides the core infrastructure, while the private sector develops consumer-facing applications.

Key Outcomes:

One of the significant outcomes of the project is the demonstration that APIs can play a crucial role in enabling CBDC systems to offer a range of benefits in terms of payments functionality and security. The project also made strides in innovation by testing how CBDCs could support a more digitalized economy in the future.

Quant’s Role in the Project:

Quant contributed to the project by designing and developing API functionalities to support innovation and enable private sector programmability. They collaborated with UST, a leading digital transformation company, with Quant providing the underlying infrastructure and blockchain platform. This included secure smart contracts and interoperability of central bank ledgers, while UST focused on building the frontend Rosalind API layer.

A Word from the CEO:

Gilbert Verdian, the Founder and CEO of Quant, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating,

“For the first time, money is ready for the digital age. A CBDC will enable citizens and businesses to automate cumbersome payments and processes and implement logic into money.”

He also encouraged banks and financial institutions to read the Project Rosalind report and start planning their smart money infrastructure strategy.

The BIS Innovation Hub London Centre:

The London Innovation Hub Centre was established by Switzerland-headquartered BIS in 2021. It is one of six international nodes working to develop public goods in the technology space to support central banks and improve the functioning of the financial system.


The collaboration between Quant, BIS, and the Bank of England on Project Rosalind marks a significant step forward in the exploration of digital currencies and blockchain technology. With its focus on API functionalities and public-private partnerships, the project promises to bring about innovative solutions that could reshape the future of digital payments and financial systems.

For more information, you can read the official announcement.

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