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Changelog Portfolio


At Allincrypto, we are constantly evolving to provide the best experience in the world of cryptocurrency. Our Changelog Portfolio is where you can track all the latest updates, enhancements, and new features we introduce.

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v 1.1.2 – 21/02/2024

  • Fixed: Minor security vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed: Login Errors

v 1.1.1 – 08/02/2024

  • Fixed: Minor security vulnerabilities.
  • Improved: checks for code error.
  • Improved: Overall security measures.

v 1.1 – 22/01/2024

  • New User Registration System: Implemented a more streamlined registration process. Users can now sign up or log in using Google,, and Discord accounts for quicker and easier access.
  • Mobile Interface Overhaul: Revamped the mobile view for enhanced user experience. This includes smoother navigation and the addition of new sections, making portfolio tracking more efficient on mobile devices.
  • Profile Page Enhancements: The profile page has been updated with new features and guides. These improvements aim to make the user experience more intuitive and informative, helping users better navigate and utilize the platform.
  • New Logo: Introduced a fresh and modern logo design to represent the brand.
  • New Hide Price Feature:the power to toggle the visibility of pricing information effortlessly. Simply click the button situated on the end of the portfolio to conceal or reveal your investment details with ease. This function is currenty supported for $, € and £.
  • New Support Page: we added a support page accessibile from your profile page to send us problem or issues you are having with the portfolio
  • Pull Down Navigation: allows your users to drag the screen and then release it, as a signal to the application to refresh contents or navigate the web app.
  • Updated: Completely Redesigned Landing Page: Our landing page has undergone a complete transformation for a more engaging and informative experience.
  • Optimized buttons of total chart portfolio
  • Optimized mobile view of the crypto list for better usability
  • Optimized: Users can now easily install the app on their mobile phones or desktops. Simply go to the “My Account” section and find the “Install” button for convenient installation if the app is not already installed.
  • Optimized the desktop web version by removing the settings button from the top. Resolved the mobile app display issue with multiple portfolios, ensuring better visualization and performance
  • Fixed: Font problem
  • Fixed: Button Display add, view and delete transaction
  • Bug Fixes: Regular fixes and patches to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.

v 1.0.3 – 12/01/2024

  • Added: All Portfolios Tab: We’ve introduced an ‘All Portfolios’ tab that allows users to view the total amount of all separate portfolios combined. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of your entire portfolio collection at a glance
  • Added: video tutorial page
  • Added: new user account menu settings
  • Updated: User profile page

v 1.0.2  – 11/01/2024

  • Privacy improved: added Unique hash string for user page
  • Added: Feedback Form module
  • Added: Known Issues
  • Improved: Changelog Page
  • Fixed: Delete Account error

v 1.0.1  – 07/01/2024

  • Increased server power by 300%
  • User security improved
  • Minor Fix

v 1.0  – 01/01/2024

  • Public Release

v – 22/12/2023

  • Added: Recaptcha v.3 system on login

v 0.9.9 – 21/12/2023

  • New Security settings: requirements for a strong password. Users with passwords not meeting our new strength criteria will be required to change them at next login for enhanced security
  • Improved mobile view

v 0.9.8 – 14/12/2023

  • New Logo
  • New Security system
  • New: Always Online This feature keeps your portfolio online when our hosting server is not accessible or in maintenance
  • Updated Login Page
  • Fix mobile menu close in Dark Mode
  • Fix minor bug on Mobile APP
  • Fixed: All Time Profit overlay in mobile devices
  • Performance Improvment
  • Better reading on amount of coins in the portfolio

v – 12/12/2023 

  • Updated Selection of Coins
  • Updated Selection of Portfolio in Dark Mode
  • Updated Security Features
  • Updated New Cryptocurrency Listings
  • Updated New TradingView Views on Watchlist
  • Fixed Lable add transaction in Dark Mode
  • Fixed Table Watchlist in DarkMode
  • Fixed Problem Visibility Portfolio Menu in Dark Mode
  • Added new Mobile Watchlist
  • Added: Change currency form Watchlist for portfolio
  • Added Pubblic Changelog

Below is a list of known issues in the current and past versions of our portfolio tracker. We are actively working to resolve these issues and will provide updates in future releases.

  • Chart Loading Issue with Small Coins: Users may experience problems with total portfolio charts not loading correctly. This issue is currently under investigation, and we are working to resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Editing Transaction Issue in Portfolio: When editing a transaction in the portfolio for the second time, the number of tokens may incorrectly display as the previously edited amount. Current Fix: Reloading the page and editing the transaction again resolves this issue temporarily. Or u can make a buy/sell transaction