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FTX Liquidating Their Remaining Crypto!

By September 11, 2023No Comments4 min read
September 11 2023 FTX Liquidating Their Remaining Crypto


In this article, we will explore, the recent rumours circulating around on twitter about FTX starting to liquidate their remaining funds to pay back to debtors. Is there any truth to this and what do these rumours consist of? Fid out in this article


FTX previously ranks among the globe’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, facilitating the exchange of digital currencies for either other digital currencies or conventional currency and the reverse process. Situated in the Bahamas, it was under the leadership of Sam Bankman-Fried and invested substantial sums in advocating for crypto-friendly regulatory measures among U.S. lawmakers.

FTX declared bankruptcy on November 11, 2022, following a sharp increase in customer withdrawals in the preceding month. The former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried, acknowledged that the company lacked adequate reserves to fulfil customer demands.

The rumours:

Sins filing for bankruptcy a whole saga has unfolded that is worthy of an article itself, but recently fears have arose surrounding impending liquidations of FTX’s currently holdings rumoured to take place from the 13th of September onwards.

Despite these rumours on twitter, we are yet to get any official word from FTX or the regulators regarding the matter, however prior to these rumours FTX with the help of regulators has been positioning to potentially liquidate holdings.

FTX had in April funds to the tune of $3.4 billion this was in:

  1. Solana $SOL $685,000,000
  2. FTX Token $FTT $529,000,000 (very unlikely there is anywhere near this amount still in value in FTT token)
  3. Bitcoin $BTC $268,000,000
  4. Ethereum $ETH $90,000,000
  5. Aptos $ATP $67,000,000
  6. Dogecoin $DOGE $42,000,000
  7. Polygon $MATIC $39,000,000
  8. $BIT $35,000,000
  9. Toncoin $TON $31,000,000
  10. $XRP $29,000,000
  11. Mixed (a basket of claims and other assets) $1.271 Billion

Its very unlikely that this is still the current value placed on FTX’s crypto holding, however we await official word on the value of funds available to be liquidated. Solana recently has fallen in price significantly dispute the recent visa announcement.

I would like to address once again the facts that this hasn’t come from FTX’s legal team officially, just the rumours that are currently doing the rounds on twitter, however their has been official statements recently that may lead one to believe the liquidations of FTX’s funds to pay back debtors isn’t too far a away.

Recent developments with FTX in the bankruptcy process:

After a court filing sought the appointment of a liquidator with the authority to sell up to $100 million worth of assets weekly, a tweet from the official FTX Twitter account has sparked concerns among investors.

On the 6th of September 2023, the official FTX account, which is seldom utilized, posted a tweet stating that the company has been actively facilitating the transfer of tokens between different blockchains back to their respective native chains.

Are they mobilizing funds to sell or just trying to project their holdings from further damage, right now there are no on-chain evidence that sales of FTX’s funds have begun at scale.


so far no official announcement of starting to sell funds or update on the current value of the funds can be found. So we await comment from official channels, however it does seem an inevitability that the funds under FTX do eventually get liquidated. The real question is how is this done, the least likely way is on the open market through exchanges, the two most notable Binance and Coinbase currently both in battles with the SEC (security and exchange commission). Selling any real volume would likely reduce, especially now wit no volume on exchanged the price of the assets they seek to cash out. this would be counter productive and costly. its far more likely a OTC (over the counter deal) takes place.


With over 7 years of hands-on experience as a crypto investor and an additional 12 years observing the industry, I've witnessed the evolution of the crypto landscape firsthand. My journey has been marked by significant successes, but not without its fair share of learning experiences. I'm eager to impart my insights to you, helping you navigate this space without repeating the missteps I encountered.

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