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Fliggs & T-Mobile: The Future with Hedera!

By October 3, 2023No Comments3 min read
October 3 2023 Fliggs T Mobile The Future with Hedera

In a joint venture with T-Mobile, Fliggs Mobile is positioning itself as the pioneer all-digital Web 3 MVNO. Their mission? To place the mobile service provider at the forefront of driving Web 3’s widespread acceptance.

Innovative Features of Fliggs Mobile:

Fliggs Mobile boasts a non-custodial wallet within its app, making it the first MVNO to offer a decentralized ID. This feature paves the way for universal access to both Web3 and FinTech offerings, including transactions with cryptocurrency.

Technical Foundations:

The platform is constructed on Moflix, which, according to sources, is ideally suited to merge mobile services with Web3. Additionally, a partnership with Hedera, recognized as a top-tier open-source public network, facilitates the integration of a range of Web3 services into the application.

Furthermore, a partnership with The Hashgraph Association, a non-profit committed to promoting the global uptake of the Hedera network, has provided both financial backing and technical expertise.

Words from the Leaders:

Stefan Riedel, the CEO of Fliggs Mobile, expressed,

“Our partnership with T-Mobile empowers us to offer premium mobile services and cost-effective plans to our clientele. This partnership lays a solid foundation for our ultimate goal: making Web3 accessible to all. With our mobile subscription and a robust mobile super-app, we’re committed to making cutting-edge tech both affordable and available to all.”

Dan Thygesen, T-Mobile Wholesale’s Senior Vice President, commented,

“We’re delighted to team up with Fliggs Mobile, a collaboration that fosters innovation and adds value to emerging tech. Their unique approach is commendable, and we’re eager to provide our top-tier nationwide 5G network to support their aim of popularizing Web3.”

Launch Details:

The official launch is set for the first quarter of 2024.

Understanding Web 3:

Web 3, a term buzzing in the tech world, primarily revolves around decentralization and blockchain innovations. Cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, if still relevant, are its key trends. Despite their growing communities, many might find the terminology perplexing.

Fliggs Mobile’s Aspirations:

While initially, the new MVNO’s appeal might be limited to tech enthusiasts, Fliggs Mobile’s vision of “facilitating Web 3’s mass acceptance” indicates their broader goals.

Conclusion: Hedera’s Pivotal Role:

Hedera’s involvement with Fliggs Mobile is a testament to its commitment to advancing the Web3 ecosystem. By providing an enterprise-grade open-source public network, Hedera ensures that Fliggs Mobile’s suite of Web3 services is seamlessly integrated, fostering a more decentralized and user-centric mobile experience. This collaboration not only underscores Hedera’s technical prowess but also its vision for a more interconnected and decentralized future.

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