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DTCC, Financial Giant Buys Securrency A Stellar XLM Partner!

By November 2, 2023No Comments3 min read
November 2 2023 DTCC Financial Giant Buys Securrency A Stellar XLM Partner

DTCC’s Landmark Acquisition of Securrency

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), a pivotal market infrastructure for the global financial services sector, has announced its acquisition of blockchain startup Securrency. This move is set to drive the development of a digital post-trade infrastructure for the global financial markets.

Securrency’s Role in the Digital Asset Landscape

Securrency, known for its Compliance Aware Token framework, ensures that security tokens are compliant with local regulations. With this acquisition, Securrency will operate as a fully-owned subsidiary under the name DTCC Digital Assets. The firm had previously raised nearly $50 million in funding from backers such as State Street, U.S. Bank, and WisdomTree.

Leadership Synergy and Future Prospects

Nadine Chakar, the former CEO of Securrency, will now serve as the Managing Director and Global Head of DTCC Digital Assets. She will report directly to Lynn Bishop, DTCC’s Managing Director and Chief Information Officer. Additionally, Chakar, along with other key members of the Securrency leadership team, will join the DTCC Management Committee.

Frank La Salla, President, CEO, and Director of DTCC, emphasized the strategic importance of this acquisition. He believes that by merging DTCC’s commitment to market stability with Securrency’s advanced technology, they can lead the industry through its digital transformation journey. This synergy is expected to reduce settlement times, enhance market transparency, risk management, and regulatory oversight, ultimately leading to an enriched investor experience.

“Securrency is an important strategic acquisition that will give us the technology to drive market-wide transformation by enabling end-to-end digital lifecycle processing for tokenized assets, digital currencies and other financial instruments,” said Frank La Salla, President, CEO and Director, DTCC.

Stellar Lumens and Securrency: A Potential Synergy

It’s worth noting that Securrency’s prominence in the blockchain space has led to potential collaborations with various entities, including Stellar Lumens. Stellar Lumens, a decentralized blockchain that fosters peer-to-peer transactions with the vision of creating a global payment protocol, could greatly benefit from Securrency’s Compliance Aware Token framework. Such a partnership would further solidify the position of both entities in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

November 2 2023 DTCC Financial Giant Buys Securrency A Stellar XLM Partner

DTCC’s Vision for Digital Assets

DTCC plans to fast-track the development of its enterprise digital asset platform by leveraging Securrency’s technology. This will enable DTCC to embed digital assets within its existing products and services, develop new blockchain-based offerings, and explore collaborations with industry stakeholders, including asset managers, broker-dealers, and custodians.

Furthermore, DTCC aims to lead the industry in developing a robust global digital infrastructure. They plan to license the Securrency technology, allowing firms to transform their operating models and create innovative digital asset services.

Addressing the Challenge of Blockchain Fragmentation

A significant challenge in the institutional adoption of blockchain is fragmentation. DTCC, with Securrency’s technology, aims to provide a solution by introducing a “DLT-agnostic harmonization layer” that promotes interoperability, liquidity, transparency, and security.

La Salla reiterated the importance of building consensus around standards and frameworks that support regulatory-compliant digital asset solutions. He expressed enthusiasm about welcoming the new members to the DTCC team and collaborating to strengthen market stability and resilience.

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