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Cardano’s Privacy sidechain midnight

By October 4, 2023No Comments3 min read
October 4 2023 Cardanos Privacy sidechain midnight


In November 2022, Input Output Global (IOG) unveiled Midnight, a sidechain solution for Cardano focused on data protection. A noteworthy aspect of Cardano’s structure is its capacity to introduce sidechains, which are essentially independent blockchains capable of interacting with the primary Cardano blockchain. In this article we will explore the midnight side chain.

What is Midnight?

Midnight is a blockchain centred around data protection, ensuring the secure handling of sensitive business and personal data. Its core mission is to safeguard the fundamental rights of association, commerce, and expression for developers, companies, and individuals alike.

For developers, Midnight will provide a streamlined platform for creating and launching data protection-centric decentralized applications (DApps), supporting a variety of programming languages, beginning with Typescript. This will empower them to build DApps with a strong focus on data security.

Companies, on the other hand, will find in Midnight a dependable solution to exchange vital information without concerns about potential leaks or censorship. This assurance of data integrity will bolster their ability to operate effectively and securely.

Moreover, Midnight will grant individuals the confidence to share their sensitive data in today’s interconnected world, knowing that their information is safeguarded by robust data protection measures.

How midnight works:

Midnight will leverage Zero Knowledge Proofs ZKs, a concept and piece of cryptograph founded by Silvio Micali (algorand‘s founder) in 1985 along with Charles Rackoff and Shafi Goldwasser. Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKs) are a technology that is used in computer science and cryptography to prove things like ownership, identity, or knowledge of a secret without revealing the actual secret or any sensitive information! Input Output published a thread on X about Zero Knowledge Proofs

What is a sidechain:

Sidechains are distinct blockchain networks linked to the primary blockchain, allowing users to conduct transactions and run smart contracts that would otherwise be unfeasible on the main chain due to limitations related to scalability or functionality. These sidechains can be custom-tailored to fulfill specific objectives, whether it’s facilitating private transactions, establishing interoperability with other blockchains, or enhancing overall privacy and security.

Has midnight launched yet?

The most recent update on the midnight sidechain came from Input Output‘s X account saying that midnight is launching soon on devnet. What is devnet? its like a testnet but only for developers to test out the funcations and for any security risks or bugs. the next step will be a testnet into mainnet hopefully some time this year!

Announcement Today:

We may within the next 24 hours from time of writing this article 04/10/203 be about to see midnight go live!


Midnight solves a major problem for many potential users of the blockchain space like companies and parties that want to not have publicly accessible the addresses of their transactions. With the help of midnight cardano will offer developers the ability to intergrate privacy into their idea or usecase! At we will keep you up to date on the latest development with cardano and midnight!


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