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Cardano’s Marlow Protocol Making It Easier For Developers

By October 31, 2023No Comments4 min read
October 31 2023 Cardanos Marlow Protocol Making It Easier For Developers


in this article we will explore that Marlowe is, along with the benefits it offers developers looking to build on top of Cardano. It’s estimated that there are nearly 27 million developers worldwide, and this number is steadily growing at a rate of around 3% annually so by 2023 the number is expected to grow to over 28.7 million according to this source. Building and deploying smart contracts is a task that is outside the realms of most developers fields of expertise, this can be especially true for Cardano as it uses Haskell as a language and Plutus as the machine to build on top of the blockchain, Cardano’s version of Ethereum‘s EVM or Algorand‘s AVM. Marlowe seeks to make building and deploying smart contracts on Cardano easy, hopefully opening Cardano up toa world of new developers who will drive the demand for the native ADA token as they deploy applications and smart contracts. more developers more chain activity more demand for ADA.

What is Marlowe:

Marlowe began its journey in 2018 by Input Output (IOG). Marlowe constitutes a comprehensive set of tools and programming languages such as JavaScript (TypeScript) designed to facilitate the creation of smart contracts for financial and transactional purposes. It ensures the safety of Marlowe smart contracts through the application of formal proofs, extensive testing, and analysis tools. Marlowe offers a complete range of tooling to cater to various proficiency levels, serving both the community and enterprises.

Creating a Marlowe smart contract involves assembling a limited set of fundamental elements that encompass actions such as making payments, observing real-world events, waiting for specific conditions to be met, and similar conceptual functions.

What Marlowe offers:

Marlowe provides developers with user-friendly solutions for effortlessly creating, utilizing, and generating income from secure smart contracts. It’s:

  • Simple
  • Efficient
  • Secure

Transform your smart contract concepts into reality using the user-friendly Marlowe Playground visual builder tool. Simulate and validate your contracts to ensure the highest level of confidence in their functionality.

You have the flexibility to code in JavaScript (TypeScript) or Haskell, or opt for the accessible and visual low-code approach offered by Blockly. Expedite your project’s time to market by leveraging Marlowe’s templates and starter kits, along with pre-built solutions for a head start.

Marlowe also offers customizable smart contracts, that you can pick off the ‘shelf’ or customize to fit you specific needs.

The Marlowe Starter Tool Kit Offers:

  • Gain insights into the inner workings of smart contracts through tutorials and setup guides.
  • Save time and effort by reusing and tailoring example contracts, eliminating the need for building from the ground up.
  • Rest assured, example contracts have undergone safety checks, preserving your valuable time and resources.
  • Explore a gallery to uncover fresh use cases and opportunities.

Current state of Marlowe:

Marlowe is now live and fully operational with 1000s of smart contracts already deployed on the Cardano blockchain using its suit of tools. Many non developers have also deployed smart contracts via Marlowe really highlighting its power!


Marlowe is a powerful tool for helping developers and non developers alike create simple, secure and efficient smart contracts on cardano for their needs. A blockchains success will be determined by its users and the amount of them, with marlowe anyone anywhere can deploy a smart contract and leverage cardano’s second to non blockchain for their benefit and the benefit of others! Marlowe is a step towards facilitating mass adoption of the cardano blockchain!

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