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Brent Oil Prices on the Rise: What JPMorgan Predicts and Further Insights

By September 26, 2023No Comments3 min read
September 26 2023 Brent Oil Prices on the Rise What JPMorgan Predicts and Further Insights

Brent oil, a significant benchmark for international crude oil prices, has been on a consistent upward trajectory. This trend has caught the attention of many, including financial giant JPMorgan. In a recent forecast, JPMorgan has made a bold prediction regarding the future of Brent oil prices. Here’s what they had to say and some additional insights from another perspective.

JPMorgan’s Forecast

In light of the escalating oil rates, JPMorgan has predicted a potential surge in Brent oil prices to a staggering $150 per barrel. This prediction was made as the bank observed the consistent rise in oil prices, indicating a robust demand and a tightening supply in the market.

Global Economic Recovery and Oil Prices

The world is currently witnessing an economic recovery from the pandemic. This recovery has led to an increase in energy consumption across various sectors. As a result, there’s a rising demand for oil and other energy commodities, which is putting upward pressure on their prices.

JPMorgan’s forecast is not an isolated one. It’s one of several indicators pointing towards a bullish trend in the global oil market. However, the real question is how this potential surge will impact the broader economy. Will this trend sustain over the long term? Only time will tell.

Additional Insights from JPMorgan’s Research

  • JPMorgan’s head of EMEA energy equity research, Christyan Malek, has warned that the recent Brent price surge could continue upwards to USD 150 per barrel by 2026.
  • Several factors contribute to this USD 150 price warning, including capacity shocks, an energy supercycle, and global efforts to transition away from fossil fuels.
  • Recent surges in crude oil prices can be attributed to OPEC+ production cuts, primarily led by Saudi Arabia, and a fuel export ban from Russia. These factors, combined with increased crude demand, have boosted crude oil prices, leading to rising consumer prices.
  • Brent prices were trading around USD 93.55 recently, but Malek expects Brent prices to fluctuate between USD 90 and USD 110 next year, with even higher projections for 2025.
  • Malek emphasized the volatility of the upcoming supercycle, highlighting OPEC’s production cuts and the lack of investment in new oil production. He also pointed out that JPMorgan now sees a global supply and demand imbalance of 1.1 million bpd in 2025, which could grow to a 7.1 million bpd deficit by 2030.


The global economic landscape is ever-evolving, and the oil market is no exception. With predictions of Brent oil prices reaching $150 per barrel and the insights provided by JPMorgan’s research, there’s a lot at stake for investors, businesses, and consumers alike. As the world continues to recover from the pandemic and energy demands rise, it remains to be seen how the market will respond to these changing dynamics. We will keep you up to date here at


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