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Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Has Been Approved? What happened?

By October 16, 2023No Comments4 min read
October 16 2023 Bitcoin BTC ETF Has Been Approved What happened

From Elation to Confusion: How a Single Tweet Sent Bitcoin on a Rollercoaster Ride. Join us as we unravel the chaos initiated by one tweet from @Cointelegraph, journeying through the rapid twists and turns that left investors worldwide on the edge of their seats.

Official Statements and Community Response:

  • BlackRock had released an official statement clarifying that their spot Bitcoin ETF application is still under review by the SEC, countering the false reports.
  • The cryptocurrency community and potential investors are advised to follow updates directly from official sources to prevent similar incidents. The community is also awaiting further announcements from the SEC regarding the ETF application.

Where It All Began?

The cascade of events, leading to a frenzy within the cryptocurrency market, initiated from a seemingly authoritative tweet by @Cointelegraph. The post erroneously announced that the SEC had greenlit the iShares Bitcoin ETF, a significant development eagerly awaited by the investment community.

October 16 2023 Bitcoin BTC ETF Has Been Approved What happened

Cointelegraph’s Public Apology

Following the upheaval caused by the premature announcement, Cointelegraph issued a formal apology, addressing the cryptocurrency community and all stakeholders impacted by the erroneous information. The platform conceded that the tweet concerning the SEC’s approval of the iShares Bitcoin ETF was not only inaccurate but had precipitated significant market disruption. Acknowledging the gravity of disseminating unverified news, Cointelegraph emphasized its commitment to journalistic integrity and the stringent verification of facts prior to publication

October 16 2023 Bitcoin BTC ETF Has Been Approved What happened

Hopes for Approval

The cryptocurrency and investment communities have been eagerly anticipating the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF, as it would provide a regulated and easily accessible way for traditional investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

Several reliable sources have debunked the news of the ETF’s approval. For instance, articles on and confirm that the reports were false.

Investor Interest

In the realm of digital finance, investor interest has reached unprecedented heights, particularly with the potential advent of regulated instruments like a spot Bitcoin ETF. Amidst this burgeoning curiosity, however, recent events have underscored the necessity for accurate, reliable information. False reports regarding the approval of BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF led to a whirlwind of market reactions, highlighting the sheer volatility and reactivity of the crypto space.

Investors, ranging from seasoned financialists to new entrants, were swept up in the rapid sell-off, demonstrating the critical impact of speculative news on market stability. To navigate this dynamic landscape, investors are encouraged to rely on authoritative sources for their information, ensuring a foundation of credible insights and data. This approach not only safeguards individual investment endeavors but also contributes to the overall health and maturity of the cryptocurrency market.

Market Impact BTC To 30.000$

If approved, a BlackRock spot Bitcoin ETF could have a substantial impact on the cryptocurrency market. It could lead to increased institutional investment in Bitcoin and potentially contribute to greater price stability.

The price of Bitcoin experienced a sharp increase, followed by a significant retraction in response to the fake news. It soared from $27,600 to $30,000 before retracing to $27,900.

October 16 2023 Bitcoin BTC ETF Has Been Approved What happened

Implications and Forward Look:

The incident underscores the volatility and sensitivity of the cryptocurrency market to news and rumors. It also highlights the importance of accurate reporting and the need for investors to verify news from reliable sources.

The potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF by BlackRock remains a highly anticipated event that could have far-reaching implications for the cryptocurrency industry, promising a regulated and more accessible avenue for traditional investments in digital currencies.


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