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Back in Action: Aptos Network’s Recovery Post-Outage

By October 19, 2023No Comments3 min read
October 19 2023 Back in Action Aptos Networks Recovery Post Outage


Aptos Network, a Layer-1 blockchain, recently experienced a five-hour disruption that affected its transactions. This incident occurred shortly after the network’s launch in 2022, raising concerns among its users and stakeholders.

Details of the Outage:

According to the AptoScan network tracker, the blockchain, which operates on the Move language, saw its on-chain transactions come to a halt at 11:11 pm UTC on October 18, at block 104621314. This unexpected interruption led to a flurry of reactions from the crypto community

October 19 2023 Back in Action Aptos Networks Recovery Post Outage

In response to the outage, Aptos took to social media platform X (previously known as Twitter) to address the situation. The post humorously mentioned,

“Your energy for Aptos One was so electric, you cut the lights!”

The team also acknowledged the impact on the network’s transactions and assured users that they were working diligently to rectify the issue.

Reactions from Crypto Exchanges:

The disruption didn’t go unnoticed by major crypto exchanges. Both Upbit and OKX promptly alerted their users about ongoing maintenance for the Aptos Network. As a precautionary measure, they temporarily suspended deposits and withdrawals of Aptos (APT).

A Look Back at Aptos:

Before this incident, Aptos Labs celebrated the first anniversary of the Aptos Mainnet with a message highlighting its journey. Aptos, which was launched on October 17, 2022, has the backing of venture capital and was developed by ex-Meta employees who previously contributed to Facebook’s Diem blockchain.

Other Networks Facing Similar Issues:

It’s worth noting that Aptos isn’t the only blockchain to face such challenges. On October 19, the Theta Network revealed that a recent node upgrade led to an “edge case bug”, halting block production for several hours. However, the team was quick to implement a fix, and the network resumed its normal operations. Similarly, in September, Coinbase’s layer-2 network, Base, faced its first significant outage since its inception.


While the recent outage of Aptos Network raised eyebrows, it’s essential to understand that such incidents are not uncommon in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain. What matters most is the swift response and transparency from the teams behind these networks, ensuring trust and reliability for their users.

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