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Astar Network: Japan’s Prime Smart Contract Platform

By September 26, 2023No Comments6 min read
September 26 2023 Astar Network Japans Prime Smart Contract Platform

Astar Network, a prominent figure emerging from Japan, has carved a niche for itself in the vast expanse of the blockchain universe. As a proud member of the Polkadot ecosystem, Astar signifies a monumental leap in blockchain technology. Its unique integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WebAssembly (Wasm) via its proprietary Cross-Virtual Machine sets it apart. With its foundation on Substrate and the security blanket of Polkadot, Astar is gearing up for a future where interoperability and scalability are paramount. The Astar token (ASTR) is the beating heart of this ecosystem, finding its use in diverse applications, from dApp staking to transaction fees and governance.

Innovative Features of Astar:

  • Cross-Virtual Machine (XVM): A pioneering bridge that seamlessly connects EVM and Wasm, catering to a wide spectrum of the developer community.
  • dApp Staking: An ingenious approach that rewards dApp developers, thereby encouraging and incentivizing top-notch dApp design and deployment.
  • Proxy Accounts: A layered security mechanism that offers varying levels of permissions for delegated accounts.
September 26 2023 Astar Network Japans Prime Smart Contract Platform

A Glimpse into Astar’s Architecture

Astar’s foundation on the Substrate framework is a testament to its commitment to flexibility, scalability, and interoperability. Substrate, developed by Parity Technologies, is a modular framework that allows for the creation of purpose-built blockchains. Here’s a breakdown of the key components of Astar’s architecture:

  1. Substrate Framework:
    • Modularity: Substrate’s modular nature means that developers can pick and choose the components they need, allowing for a high degree of customization without reinventing the wheel.
    • Interoperability: Built with the future of interconnected blockchains in mind, Substrate is designed to seamlessly integrate with other blockchains, making it a perfect fit for Astar’s vision.
  2. ss58 Address Format:
    • Evolution of Base-58-check: The ss58 format is an evolution of Bitcoin’s Base-58-check, tailored for the Polkadot ecosystem. It provides a consistent address format across different networks, ensuring that addresses are not only unique but also human-readable.
    • Safety: The ss58 format includes a checksum, which helps in preventing accidental fund loss due to user errors.
  3. Ethereum’s H160 Address Compatibility:
    • Bridging Two Worlds: By being compatible with Ethereum’s H160 address format, Astar ensures that developers and users from the Ethereum ecosystem can transition or interact with ease.
    • Flexibility: This compatibility means that Ethereum-based tools, dApps, and services can be more easily integrated or migrated to the Astar network.
  4. Cross-Virtual Machine (XVM):
    • Dual Support: Astar’s unique XVM allows for the seamless operation of both EVM and Wasm, catering to a broad developer community.
    • Interoperable Smart Contracts: Developers can design smart contracts that leverage the strengths of both virtual machines, leading to more efficient and powerful decentralized applications.


Astar is designed with usability in mind, supporting both the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WebAssembly (Wasm). This dual support ensures that developers familiar with either environment can seamlessly build on Astar. Additionally, tools like SDKs and APIs make it adaptable for both everyday users and infrastructure-centric projects, emphasizing its focus on user-friendliness and developer support.

The Team Behind Astar

The Astar team is not just vast in numbers but also in ambition. With stalwarts like @WatanabeSota and @henskensm at the helm, the network is on a trajectory of growth and innovation.

September 26 2023 Astar Network Japans Prime Smart Contract Platform

Astar 2.0: Building the Unstoppable Web3 Vision

Astar Network, already a dominant smart contract hub on Polkadot, is unveiling Astar 2.0, a vision for the decentralized future. This iteration is designed to empower billions worldwide, giving users unparalleled control over their data and privacy. With Astar 2.0, the future of a decentralized internet is on the horizon, equipped with tools and resources for developers to construct a more inclusive and accessible web for everyone. Read more about Astar 2.0.

September 26 2023 Astar Network Japans Prime Smart Contract Platform

Astar Network 2023 Starmap: Charting the Course for the Future

  • Q1: 創世 – The Reborn Nebula: The year begins with unveiling groundbreaking features, setting Astar on the path to becoming a formidable layer 1. Key discoveries include the Cross-Virtual Machine (XVM), Astar UI Library & Astar.js, Mesh Networks, and Zero to ink! Hero.
  • Q2: 発展 – The Growth Nebula: This quarter is about growth and innovation, with the introduction of Wasm on Astar and the launch of Astar 2.0.
  • Q3: 拡大 – The Expansion Nebula: Astar aims to broaden its horizons, offering high-quality tools and projects. Key developments include the Swanky Hub, Ink!redible NFT, DApp Staking Update, Tokenomics, and XCM Contracts.
  • Q4: 煌閃 – The Shine Nebula: As 2023 draws to a close, Astar aims to shine brightly, celebrating its achievements and gearing up for 2024. Explore the full Starmap.

Here’s a summary table of the advantages of the Astar blockchain

Astar Network is the most flexible smart contract platform in the Polkadot ecosystem, supporting both Wasm and EVM environments.
Features multichain-native interoperability powered by Polkadot XCM and the unique Cross-Virtual Machine (XVM). It provides routes to major blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Cosmos, Polygon, and more.
Shared Security
The shared security of Polkadot, combined with Astar XVM, offers innovative smart contract design possibilities.
Wasm Smart Contracts
Empowers developers to bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional software development. Allows building of complex dApps that aren’t possible on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
EVM Smart Contracts
Provides an environment familiar to Solidity developers, allowing them to fragment smart contracts and offload logic selectively to the Wasm Virtual Machine.
Build2Earn Program
Allows developers to earn a basic income while building products and communities. Users can support projects by staking on them, adding to the passive income developers earn.
XVM – Cross Virtual Machine
Enables developers to call smart contracts from one VM to another (e.g., Wasm to EVM). The innovative protocol for creating hybrid cross-VM dApps is exclusive to the Astar network.
Secured by Polkadot
Benefits from the best security for Layer 1 blockchains provided by the Polkadot Relay Chain. Enables creation of multi-chain smart contracts that can communicate trustlessly across chains.
Cross Chain Connectivity
Connected to the Relay Chain and various other parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem through the message transport system, XCMP.
Powered by Substrate
Built with Substrate, a framework for intuitive blockchain solutions using the Rust programming language. Offers forkless upgrades, cross-language compatibility using WebAssembly, deterministic finality, and seamless integration with other blockchains.

In Conclusion:

Astar Network, while being a beacon in Japan, is on the cusp of global acclaim. Its unique Build2Earn program for developers and its affiliations with leading Japanese corporations and the government hint at a promising Web 3 future. However, like all tech endeavors, its longevity will hinge on its adaptability, relentless innovation, and its prowess to navigate the challenges of the digital age.


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