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Algorand To Enable Pure Python Smart Contracts

By September 13, 2023No Comments3 min read
September 13 2023 Algorand To Enable Pure Python Smart Contracts


Today the 13th of September 2023, John Woods the CTO at Algorand announced: “With Algokit 2.0 we’re bringing pure Python development to Algorand!”. This is a big deal and we wish to explore why in this article.

What is Algorand:

Algorand is a layer 1 blockchain, that enables smart contracts on top of its layer 1. It’s an Ethereum competitor, that was using proof of stake long before the Ethereum merge from proof of work to proof of stake. I uses a consensus (the mechanism behind the blockchain) called pure proof of stake which guarantees complete engagement, security, and rapidity within an authentically decentralized network. With transactions settled in mere seconds, Algorand matches the transaction capacity of major payment and financial networks. Furthermore, Algorand stands out as the pioneering blockchain offering instantaneous transaction confirmation, eliminating the need for forks and eradicating uncertainty. Its founder is Silvio Micali a Turing award winner!

Algorand’s virtual machine (AVM):

AVM is the way things are effectively ‘built’ onto of algorand’s layer 1, it enables smart contracts with Turing-complete languages.

The annoucement today:

John Woods, a speaker at Token2049 in Singapore announced today that: “With Algokit 2.0 we’re bringing pure Python development to Algorand!”. he then goes into more detail by revealing that this means anyone looking to build on Algorand will now be able to build with real python, not a spin off. continuing he mentions that this is “a huge change” bringing more inclusivity to Algorand, as python is one of the widest used and hottest programming languages in the world! WOW!

What is Algokit:

AlgoKit serves as the predominant tool employed by the Algorand community for crafting smart contracts on the Algorand blockchain. It furnishes the functionality needed to create, experiment with, and deploy Algorand smart contracts in a matter of minutes!

What is python:

Python, recognized as one of the globe’s most widely adopted programming languages, has been instrumental in the development of a wide array of technologies, from Netflix’s recommendation system to the software governing autonomous vehicles. Python is categorized as a versatile programming language, specifically crafted to cater to various domains, encompassing data science, software development, web development, and automation.


This is brilliant news for Algorand and its ecosystem as it will unlock 1000s of developers! developers are the life blood of a blockchain and with more developers comes more use cases and on chain use driving up the demand for ALGO! programming languages are a huge barrier to entry in blockchain and Algorand just broke those barriers down! find out about Algorand staking over here!


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