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Algorand ALGO’s ANote Featured On BBC News!

By November 2, 2023No Comments4 min read
November 2 2023 Algorand ALGOs ANote Featured On BBC News


On the 26th of october 2023 Algorand‘s ANote CEO featured on BBC News one of the biggest news outlets in the entire world, CEO marzio Schena is quoted on the BBC saying,

“The music sector, is in extremely good health. It is far outpacing inflation, it’s an alternative investment asset class. I believe it is an exciting time and I’m looking forward to see the response of the market.”

A Note:

In the vibrant world of live music and festivals, the main stage is reserved for the most prominent and exceptional acts, drawing large audiences eager for a memorable experience. Similarly, in the music royalty investment market, ANote Music stands as the main stage. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a robust platform, ANote Music offers both investors and artists an unparalleled experience. For many years, the music industry has been perceived as a complex labyrinth, often seen as intricate, inaccessible, and sluggish. ANote Music aims to revolutionize this perception, tapping into the vast potential of the industry and introducing a fresh, valuable perspective.

Bridging the Gap Between Music and Finance

ANote Music simplifies the process of investing in beloved music. By seamlessly connecting music with finance, the platform establishes a global hub where individuals can invest in and trade musical culture. Spanning genres from Rock to Deep House, ANote Music fosters a community where music enthusiasts can monetarily benefit from their passion. Whether you’re a rights owner seeking to list or an individual eager to invest in a burgeoning asset class, ANote Music provides a secure and user-friendly platform, making the ownership and sharing of a piece of your favorite song both safe and straightforward.

Founding and Vision

Established in Luxembourg by Marzio F. Schena, Matteo Cernuschi, and Grégoire Mathonet in January 2018, ANote Music has since garnered significant attention. The company has raised over €1.5 million and has garnered support from the Luxembourg national innovation agency, Luxinnovation, facilitating access to government funding. ANote Music’s core purpose is to enhance the value of music for a broader audience. Their vision is to cultivate a community of individuals keen on profiting from music, and their mission is to bridge the divide between music and finance. Through continuous innovation, user-centric technology, and a profound love for music, ANote Music is poised to redefine music investment.

November 2 2023 Algorand ALGOs ANote Featured On BBC News

ANote Music and Algorand

ANote Music, has integrated with Algorand, a leading blockchain technology company. This collaboration aims to bridge the divide between the music industry and capital markets. With Algorand’s blockchain capabilities, ANote Music introduces the potential of tokenizing music assets and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) from artists, publishers, and record labels. As a result, new music catalogues listed on the ANote Music platform will offer tokens to investors. These tokens grant investors the right to receive a portion of future royalty streams, presenting an innovative investment opportunity.

Benefits for Creators and Investors

This integration marks a significant milestone for creators associated with ANote. For the first time, tokenized rights and NFTs can access a marketplace where they can be created and traded. By listing music rights on ANote Music, creators can share their success with their network and fanbase, simultaneously gaining immediate access to a novel funding model. Additionally, ANote Music plans to launch a dedicated area where music enthusiasts can purchase collectible NFTs from their favorite artists directly on Algorand. Investors can manage these NFTs in their Algorand wallet and monitor all activities on Gregoire Mathonet, CTO and Co-founder of ANote Music, emphasized the platform’s decision to integrate Algorand for its resilience, security, speed, and low fees, highlighting the traceability and potential for real business solutions using blockchain.


The collaboration between ANote Music and Algorand signifies a transformative shift in the music industry, merging the realms of music royalties and advanced blockchain technology. By tokenizing music assets and introducing NFTs, this partnership not only offers a novel investment avenue for enthusiasts but also empowers artists with innovative funding models and broader engagement with their fanbase. As the music industry continues to evolve, such integrations underscore the potential of blockchain to redefine traditional structures, making music investment more transparent, accessible, and inclusive for all stakeholders.

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